Amazon Prime Day is around the corner and yes, you can always shop my Amazon finds but there are a few new (to me) things that I have my eye on! First, if you didn’t know a checkered rug is at this point a staple for your mental health, what are you even doing? I love this green (my favorite color) outdoor rug from Kurala. It’s patio to picnic perfection and I need her.

Here me out, curtains are impossible! Or, at least they used to be. If you weren’t getting very expensive custom window treatments it was bottom of the barrel and nothing really in between. Our curtain woes have really been solved and there are so many options. I love these airy faux linen treatments by LANTIME. The camel color is divine!

Stay thirsty they say. I don’t think “they” were counting on just dehydrated we actually are! These bedside carafe with tumblers are too good. They come in a bunch of great colors – orange is elite but I understand if you’re pressed for the clear option. Live your life. Just drink your water too, in bed, from beautiful cups.

As a former New Yorker who only ever lived in pre-war apartments and now an Angeleno who prefers character homes – I can safely say that NOTHING is standard size when you want to live with charm. Enter the expandable kitchen drawer organizer. Those off-size drawers will not be your downfall. You’re welcome! This one is bamboo, comes in a few color ways and *should fit just about anywhere.

Everything in your home doesn’t need to be aesthetic, right? Wrong! Everything can be cute. Even your bathroom bin. Now, some peoples version of a cute bathroom waste bin is ornate and others is a minimal stone slab of a receptacle. Mine is this edgy little baddy by Yamakazi. Such a cool shape and it comes in both black and white.

This Terra Cotta Abstract Vase is perfect if you’re a little impatient and haven’t been able to lay your hands on the perfect stone object for your shelf styling dreams. It’s really cool, has a great shape and is versatile in that it looks great with and without an arrangement. We’ll forgive you this one time for not waiting to manifest vintage. Just promise to keep her for a really long time!

I already ordered these LOOP Experience ear plugs I preparation for July 4th fireworks. Color me your firework adverse puppy who gets incredibly anxious. These were recommended by a friend and I’m happy to report that they work incredibly well! They blocked out the far away noise of the fireworks but I could still hear my sleepy time music in the background. 10/10

This is ridiculous but amusing – I don’t make the rules. After telling a friend that I haven’t seen my eye glasses in what might be WEEKS she suggested this ahttps://amzn.to/3JRWEvJs a place to keep them handy on my desk. Immediately yes. This can be our little secret.

This is wild but, if you don’t do your laundry for A REALLY LONG TIME – it will pile up waist deep and you’ll spend what feels like an eternity trying to catch up. This is a real life experience that I don’t wish on anyone. In an effort to help return my life to some civility, I’m opting for this beacon of organization to set me on a path of righteousness. Four removable bags for easy toting and the entire piece has wheels.

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