Curating an iconic book collection over time is my life’s work and it honestly feels like it will take a lifetime to have enough books for every shelf, table and gorgeous pile you need for a complete home. Some of my favorite places to get used books are thrift stores of course but now that the world knows our secret, it’s slim pickings. Estate sales are also fantastic, you can also check your local used bookstore and sites like There are also loads of newer titles that I love to add to my personal stash. One of my recent favorites is How To Live With Objects by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer. I love the reflection of objects we surround ourselves with, the styling ideas, resources and of course the look into incredibly stylish homes. For a full list of some of my favorite coffee table books click here!

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  1. Love your videos on YT. Just saw this website for the first time! It’s fabulous, just like you seem Kellie. Right now, you’re the number one channel that I go to because of your authenticity and casual chic vibe that you give off. Thanks! XO, Court

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